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Megavision 2018

Megavision 2018

Main Session 1: Phil Moore - I can't but God can

Main Session 2: Phil Moore - I can't but God can (from despair to faith)

Main Session 3: Mbonisi Malaba - Ordinary to extraordinary

Main Session 4: Mbonisi Malaba - Extraordinary response for extraordinary times

Main Session 5: Phil Moore - They can't but God can

Seminar 1a: Phil Moore - Churches strong in the Word

Seminar 1b: Phil Moore - Churches alive in the Spirit

Seminar 2a: Mbonisi Malaba - The Sovereignty of God

Seminar 3a: Peter Cunningham & Cephas Tapedzisa - Creative Fruitfulness & Generosity Part 1

Seminar 3b: Scott Marques & Renee Cunningham - Creative Fruitfulness & Generosity Part 2