On Friday 6th December the Church in Zimbabwe had an incredible opportunity to speak to our government about the vision God is giving to help us feed our nation by being faithful with the resources we have been given. Her Excellency Vice President Mai Mujuru was supposed to visit Ebenezer Trust; unfortunately, due to significant deaths both internationally and nationally she was unable to attend. However, in her stead she sent Honourable Minister Bouke and Honourable Minister S. Nyoni. We had an amazing day with them, sharing the vision, building on the foundations that “Foundations for Farming” has laid through to the work of “Turning Matabeleland Green”- which is encouraging and coaching farmers on how to use farming as a business.

The Praise and Prayer that started the day before the arrival of the ministers set the tone. The highlight of the first set of speeches was Ebenezer graduate Smangaliso Ndlovu – the “amazing elephant”, as her name translates, touched many hearts as she shared her story of moving from a place of no hope and uncertainty about her future to a place where she has found her identity in Christ and grown a love for farming, teaching and uplifting other women in the community.

During a tour of Ebenezer, a visit to some farmers in the local community who are currently growing between 1000-2000 broilers per batch and through more speeches we continued to share about God’s vision for breaking poverty in Zimbabwe. The ministers assured us that they would pass all the information that we had given them directly on to the Vice President and President. Minister Buka couldn’t believe that she has found such a belt of green in the middle of Matabeleland and ended her speech by singing “It is well with my soul”. Minister Nyoni delivered a speech on behalf of our Vice President. The Vice President’s speech was excellent – she encouraged and affirmed the work of Ebenezer and Turning Matabeleland Green. She was delighted to find that the Church is moving to meet physical needs as well as spiritual ones, and she encouraged the Church to continue its work in these areas. By this time everyone was ready to enjoy a lunch of goat, chicken and various traditional dishes! All in all, an amazing day…and we pray God continues to use the work put into the day to speak to the leaders of our nation.

Renee Cunningham