The First Sight


It is a great joy to see this website launched.  It is such a super channel of communication with those who are on mission together.  As we have developed this site I have been amazed to see the breadth of what we are involved in and the potential of what is to unfold in the years ahead.  With the many and diverse churches and initiatives represented within this Newfrontiers sphere of churches, it is my hope that this website will help to inform you, inspire you and engage you with God’s purposes for us together.

The map gives you an insight into how far and wide we are spread around Southern Africa! I am particularly looking forward to gathering at Antelope Park this weekend at our MegaVision conference. We will aim to get talks up from this conference in the near future, as well as photographs and video. We can certainly do more together!

Enjoy having a look around the site!

Love Scott


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