Newfrontiers has been on an inspiring journey of leadership transition over the last couple of years.  Terry Virgo, the founder, has handed over the movement (approaching 850 churches worldwide) to a number of men recognized with apostolic gifting to serve and advance the churches internationally.  Each apostle has been released to develop the ‘sphere’ of churches they are serving in an autonomous and interdependent way.

Newfrontiers in Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Malawi and Tanzania is served by an apostolic team led by Scott Marques.   This sphere of churches relates to Newfrontiers internationally as well as having an association with the Advance network in South Africa.

We believe that Jesus has mighty plans for Africa in the years that are immediately before us.  As we see churches and kingdom-advancing initiatives gaining traction, we sense that a massive end-time harvest of souls may be at hand.  We desire to be part of what Jesus is doing in these days and to be ready for all He calls us to in the demonstrating of His glory and power in Africa and beyond.


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